The Dharma of Product Management

Product Managers are measured on the effectiveness of their decision making. Outcomes are a result of the micro-decisions you make as a Product Manager through each part of the development process.

This means PMs must effectively partner with stakeholders, gain buy-in, and showcase the outcomes as they take a project from problem definition all the way to launch and assessment.

Drive a culture of consumer empathy

At all times, consider and represent the needs of the consumer.

Practical, unbiased decision making

Make decisions based on the information available within the company and product.

Incorporate multiple sources of data

Synthesize multiple methods of feedback during product feature development.

Evangelize Structured Thinking

Push structured thinking across the organization to make better decisions.

“Full-Stack” Product Management

  • Strategic and Structured Thinking
  • Always build towards a validated perspective.
  • Guide the ship.
  • Drive collaboration through transparency.
  • Identify and Empower Change Champions in your team.
  • Establish your “Magic Power” aka Hard Skill.